To Norene Reinhardt

Norene was a friend and neighbour who looked out for me, gave me tough but kind guidance and kicks-in-the-pants but most importantly was there for me through one the darkest times in my life… when I lost my Mom. I can never thank her enough for being the shelter during the stormiest time in my…

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To Jennifer Zanich,

This outstanding #girlpilot has been with me for nearly 20 years, holding the map and showing me how to fly. And how to get the cork out of a bottle of wine without an opener. Life skills. ❦ Jane Huxley

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Thank you Joe!

Joe has the patience of Steve Scully, which comes in handy dealing with my constant impassioned rants for the past 17 years. I wouldn’t be who I am if he wasn’t in my life. Thank you Joe!                   ❦ Mona

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To Dr. Kim West

In my late 30s I started thinking that I might need to become a parent on my own. I hadn’t met “the one” and the proverbial clock was ticking. As I started looking into becoming a “single mother by choice,” I found inspiration and mentorship in my colleague, Kim West. Kim had two beautiful children…

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